Firmify is now part of Cool Company

  • Annika Bäckström / Illustratör & designerAnnika Bäckström / Illustratör & designer
  • Susanne Möller / Frilansande spelorakelSusanne Möller / Frilansande spelorakel
  • Anna-Carin Folkesson / Extrajobbar som kläddesignerAnna-Carin Folkesson / Extrajobbar som kläddesigner
  • Victor Björk / EntrepenörVictor Björk / Entrepenör
If you are an existing Firmify user, you should log in as usual and then activate your new account with Cool Company. Then you will find your previous information in Firmify also on the Cool Company web platform.
If you are not a customer of Firmify but want to start an account to invoice without your own company, you are welcome to create a new account with Cool Company.

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