Send invoices without having an own company

  • Annika Bäckström / Illustratör & designerAnnika Bäckström / Illustratör & designer
  • Susanne Möller / Frilansande spelorakelSusanne Möller / Frilansande spelorakel
  • Anna-Carin Folkesson / Extrajobbar som kläddesignerAnna-Carin Folkesson / Extrajobbar som kläddesigner
  • Victor Björk / EntrepenörVictor Björk / Entrepenör

Now anyone can send invoices and at the same time avoid the costs required to start and run your own company!

  • No monthly fees
  • We handle the administration
  • A simple interface

Create private account

You get SEK

Invoiced amount ex vat 15000 SEK

More detailed calculation

iphoneWe offer the benefits of entrepreneurship and take care of the administration. We offer a platform to work from, the possibility to send invoices and then get the money paid as salary. We see to that all the taxes and social fees are paid and reported correct.

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