All salaries on one invoice

1Create a corporate account

Create a free account and provide us with all your details and information. You can now invite your colleagues to Firmify, and create accounts to them. When you create Firmify-accounts to your freelancers, they will have your correct billing address prefilled in their account. If you need any special solution that suits your financial system, please contact us.

2Create salary incoices

Ask your staff to create Firmify private accounts (or do it for them). Agree on how much their salary will be. Please use the Calculator to see what salary the invoice will generate. Then you create an invoice to your own company, and select “Pay personnel”. We will check it and return it to you. When you pay the invoice, we will pay salaries and we also handle all the administration (including paying taxes and fees for each freelancer).

Create corporate account and pay salaries via invoice