Self employment

Firmifys vision is to simplify business, and give more people the opportunity to realize their ideas. We offer the possibility of so-called self-employment. That means you can send invoices without having your own company. You start an account and use our simple web form to create your invoices. We pay a salary to you when your customer pays your invoice. We ensure that taxes and social fees are paid, and the rest is paid to you as salary. For this administration we take a fee of 5% of the invoice value (excluding VAT).

Get self employed


Self-employment is one of the fastest growing forms of employment, and more and more people are discovering this smart way to work. Instead of starting his own company, one can “rent” a company. If you have a desire to work as an entrepreneur – self-employment is the smartest way to begin. You have most of the benefits that an company-owner has, but you do not have to handle VAT declarations and other administration and risks associated with start-up companies.

Even for those who have a permanent contract is Firmifys self-employment a good addition. You create invoices for work you do beside your normal job, and you will get paid the same way as with your normal job (you will have a second salary).

Self-employment according to Skatteverket (in swedish)

“Det finns uppdragsgivare som bara vill anlita uppdragstagare som har F-skatt. Det förekommer att frilansare med A-skatt som utför tillfälliga uppdrag åt olika uppdragsgivare därför ansluter sig till ett egenanställningsföretag (kallas ibland för plattformsföretag, faktureringsföretag eller självanställningsföretag) Egenanställningsföretaget har F-skatt och fakturerar uppdragsgivarna mot viss provision, redovisar arbetsgivaravgifter och gör skatteavdrag och betalar sedan ut resten som lön till uppdragstagaren. Detta kallas för att man är egenanställd.” Read the full article here (in Swedish). Please contact Skatteverket for more information about self-employment in your language!

Firmify is a member of Egenanställningsföretagens Branschorganistation – the Swedish national organistation for self-employment companies.

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