Send invoices without swedish F-tax

Do you have an idea or a service you want to sell? As self-employed with Firmify, you can create invoices without the F-tax with 3 simple steps. Since we are party to the agreement, it is important that we are able to accept assignments prior to implementation. We are of course available to provide advice on the content and design fit in with us.

1Open an account

Create your Firmify-account and you can start to use the service immediately. To be able to send invoices (when you have agreed with your client), you will need your customer’s name, address and contact person. 

2Do your thing

You and your client agree on how much you will get paid. With the calculator you can easily see how much salary your invoice will generate. The Firmify fee is 5% of the invoice value (excl. VAT).

3Get paid

You will be temporarily employed at Firmify for the project-period. When your customer pays the invoice you will receive the salary paid out within maximum 5 business days to your bank account.

Start an account today!

  Fakturera utan F-skatt, precis som Anna-Carin Folkesson

What is F-tax and why do I want to invoice without the F-tax?

F-tax is a form of Swedish withholding tax. F stands for Företag (Firm/company) and tax is paid by those who conduct business. All Swedish companies need to be registered for F-tax in order to run business. If you start your own company and get approved for F-tax, it means that you as a business owner is caring for the payment of taxes and fees. It also means that your clients do not need to make tax deductions or pay employer contributions to the allowance. As a member of Firmify you work with our F-tax and you avoid all the extra work that is associated with F-tax. We pay the F-tax, your personal tax and social fees. For this service we only charge 5% of the invoice value (excl VAT). When you don’t use the service it doesn’t cost you anything, and there are no monthly fees. Please read more about the Swedish tax-system at Skatteverket (in english). Why wait? Start your Firmify-account today! No F-tax, no complicated administration, the money in your account within 5 days.

Send invoices without F-tax!