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In Sweden invoices from companies registered for F-tax always consists of the gross amount (before taxes and fees) and VAT. These fees and taxes are all companies themselves obliged to account for and pay. When you work with Firmify we take care of this for you. Depending on the amount of your invoice we make deductions for taxes and fees that we pay directly to the Skatteverket (Swedish National Tax authority). We also charge you our service fee of 5% of the invoices total value (excl VAT).

Below you can see what the invoiced amount will generate as salary, and you can also see the different fees and taxes. The income tax may also differ slightly depending on where in Sweden you live, and we always pay a preliminary tax of 30% (income tax). In practice however, the vast majority will have a lower income tax which is refunded from Skatteverket after the personal declaration. If you are under 26 or over 65, you will pay a lower employer fee (due to political reasons), and the Firmify-system (and the calculator below) is taking this in account.

Please enter the year of birth, amount to invoice (or conversely, the amount you want to get out as salary) to see the entire calculation with all charges. This will give you a good idea of what a particular invoice amount will generate as a salary “in your wallet”. 

Invoiced amount ex vat:
Base amount social benefits:
Social benefits:
Brutto salary:
Netto salary:


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