General terms and conditions of employment

Below you will find a translation of the terms and conditions of employment when using Firmify’s services. The purpose of the specified terms is for Firmify’s administrative support service to be used to emulate the conditions of self-employment for the contractor (‘Contractor’) who undertakes assignments for external clients (‘Client’).

Firmify provides administrative support and handles invoicing, salary payments, etc., providing a practical solution for the Contractor who does not need to manage the administration himself/herself.

After the Contractor has registered with Firmify, the Contractor has full responsibility for procuring and carrying out assignments that generate income. Once Firmify has approved the assignment procured by the Contractor, the Contractor has full responsibility for carrying out the assignment and undertakes to indemnify Firmify against any kinds of claims for compensation by the Client against Firmify, even if Firmify is the formal contracting party to the Client.

The salary is based solely on commission and on the Contractor’s Client making the payment. The following terms apply to the assignment:

  • The assignment is procured and carried out by the Contractor and invoiced to the Client by Firmify. The invoice amount is converted into salary and holiday pay according to the Annual Leave Act and is paid to the bank account specified by the Contractor five working days after full payment is received from the Client. Firmify invoices the Client with payment terms of 15 days, unless agreed otherwise between the Contractor and his/her Client.
  • The Contractor is aware that invoicing the assignment via Firmify means that the Contractor is employed by Firmify. The form of the employment is general fixed-term employment according to Section 5 of the Employment Protection Act (1982:80). The duration of the fixed-term employment corresponds to the duration of the assignment, which must always be specified for every individual case. If a new assignment period is started, a new general fixed-term employment begins.
  • The employment ends on the last date of employment, which is the same as the last day of the current assignment, without notice of termination.
  • The Contractor is responsible for deciding on the detailed tasks in consultation with the Client.

The amount invoiced for the assignment converted into salary is paid to the Contractor by Firmify as follows:

  • Invoiced amount less statutory VAT, Firmify’s service charge and statutory social security payments.
  • Firmify withholds preliminary income tax for each salary payment.
  • The salary is paid five days after the Client has paid the invoice from Firmify in full.
  • No payment is made for overtime/additional work, travelling time or unsocial working hours.
  • In accordance with Section 5 of the Annual Leave Act, the Contractor is not entitled to annual leave during the employment. However, the employee does receive holiday pay of 12% of the paid salary, which is included in the above salary amount.
  • The Contractor receives statutory pension and insurance benefits, as Firmify makes the applicable social security payments.
  • Other costs the Contractor has incurred to earn the income shall be re-invoiced to the Client. The Contractor receives such payments with the salary payment according to the terms above. Payments in addition to the salary that are currently handled by Firmify are allowances, mileage allowance, travel costs, tickets, etc.
  • Costs for purchasing equipment, goods, office material and consumables, rent for premises, etc. are not paid. Firmify reserves the right to refuse payment in the case of inadequate supporting data for other types of expenditure and expenditure for non-business purposes.